PET PALACE                      
"Where your Pet is King"


Pet Palace offers three different grooming packages

BATH ONLY- Shampoo, Anal Gland Expressing, Blow Dry, Brush, and Nails

FACE, FEET, & TAIL- Shampoo, Anal Gland Expressing, Blow Dry, Brush, Nails, Trimming Feet, Sanitary Areas, Trimming Face and Head, and Pads.

FULL GROOM- All the above is included, plus reducing the overall length

EXPRESS GROOMING-  Dogs with special needs and or medical conditions that require faster than normal grooming times are welcome at no additional charge.

Different types of conditioners are available for $5.00

Nail cutting $10.00 

Teeth brushing $5.00   

Grooming prices are determined by breed, size, and type of coat. A matted coat can add to the cost of grooming depending on type of cut


Boarding fees are $24.00 a day

Multiple dog and extended stay discounts are available
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